Gene’s Message

I don’t know how you got here, but I know why you’ve come.  You’ve come to learn from me and at the same time you may have come to loot me.

I will let both happen.

I will bring you to a crossroads, one path leads to a cliff, the other to a peaceful meadow.  I will suggest for you to take the path that leads to the cliff,

the other is an illusion.


You may have been referred here by a friend or business associate, or even myself.  Welcome to my “self help” program with a unique thrust and twist.

I’m not trying to solicit your resume, and I only want your attention, open-mindedness and commitment.

In return for your commitment,  I will share with you my deepest personal and business experiences that you will learn from, and presented in a way that you can understand and apply.

I have walked through the fires of hell, and sailed my ship on the waters of turbulent seas.  I have paid a price for experiences greater than the dollars paid me.  I have never done anything “just for money”.  It is on the bottom of my priorities.

If you do not agree with the things I tell you, you do not have to read any further.  I do not need to hear your self doubt that attempts to drag me down to swim in the murk with you.

I am holding a hand out to you, to pull you out of that murk which was not caused by you, but instilled in you by others that wish to keep you down.

It does not benefit you, if I drown with you.  I am here to help you and give you new meaning to your life and profession.

I understand the problems you face in making transitions from where you are and where you may want to be.

If you listen, you will learn and go beyond where you are now in the development of yourself.  You do not need to have a pre-defined, supreme directive.

But first, you are required to give me your undivided attention, it is too easy for you to walk away from committing yourself to change.  You will lose the opportunity to benefit from my experiences without having to go through them yourself.  Value what I tell you, understand the sacrifices I have made and continue to make in mentoring you, and you will climb the highest mountains.

We exist in a world full of people that have no direction and seek only to benefit at the expense of others.  I have made investments in my life experiences that the vast majority of people would run from.

Witnesses are unable to explain the events they have seen taken place in my life, but they have been put in contact with me to be brought to a crossroads.

They know something within me opens a way for them to understand themselves better.   There is a message that is inside of each of you that is waiting to be opened and once it is, all of the obstacles before you will evaporate.

But you have got to listen.