What People Have Said….

What Some People Say about Gene, Pieces of a Puzzle

Listen to what others say about Gene.   (Coming Soon:  Audio Clips)

CEOs that have paid Gene millions of dollars, call him a confidant, a friend, a trusted force, and…….. have never met him.  (See “No Meetings Please”).

Executives that Gene has mentored, say that he has brought them to another level of understanding and have helped them gain a new perspective as to how they look at themselves as a resource.

Dan Rather and the heads of CBS’s 60 Minutes feared him as being “the mystery man from Washington” holding a secret that only Gene knew and they did not want revealed.

An adversary, a partner of a large law firm in 1985, said in a letter that he thought they should do anything to “get rid of this maniacal appearing gentleman, Mr. Forte.”  The attorney who said this later found himself offering Gene $600,000 to “Compromise”.  (See “A Toss of The Coin” and “The Trial”)

In a recent trial, the opposing defense counsel told a Judge not to be fooled by  Gene’s high school education, Gene was an “intelligent sophisticated businessman,”  (See “Buying A Home”).

Another Judge, 20 years ago, in defense of lawyers that Gene had sued for malicious prosecution called Genemercurial”  (See “The Letter”).

What is it about Gene that evokes such descriptions?  It is the story told of an ever evolving journey of a constant battle.

Gene at times as been described as a Sherlock Holmes and Sigmund Freud.  Perhaps there is a real life “game afoot” and there truly is a “Mr. Moriarty” that also may be called evil and injustice.

You will hear actual recorded conversations between Gene and individuals he represents applying the things Gene talks about to many aspects of their life, both personal and professional.

Gene just didn’t happen over night, and the story continues.  It is never-ending.

Where does he come from? (See “The Farm”)

Is Gene a messenger, a mentor, an avenger, an angel, a devil, or a destroyer?  Is he one, none or all?

The journey you will travel in finding the answer to that question will change your life forever, and it will be different to each of you.

What will Gene be to you?