Ask Gene…

Gene’s Asked To Talk About …………….

Gene asked a few of the executives that he has represented what topics they would like to hear him talk about.

The executives that provided these topic areas make base salaries over $180,000.00 and some have compensations over $1,000,000.00 a year.  However, there are a  few that Gene chose recently at $42,000-$150,000 to include for comparison.

Gene can answer questions regarding the decision making process in discussions from the start of his first contact with you, through acceptance of an offer, to actual start date of new employment and beyond.

The list is comprised of topics given to Gene from senior management advertising/marketing executives in the healthcare/pharmaceutical/medical education and related areas.

1.  Defining Job Security

2.  Setting Goals and Charting A Course

3.  Locating the Right Employer

4.  Opening the Door with A New Client

5.  Asking for More Money

6.  How Do You Become More Entrepreneurial

7.  How To Develop A Job Into A Career and Into a Lifestyle/Mission

8.  Effective Communication

9.  The Ideal Work Environment

10.  Effective Interviewing

11.  Developing Priorities in Life

12.  Understanding a Client’s Needs

13.  Working with A Co-Worker That Drives You Crazy

14.  Determining Whom You Can Trust in an Organization

15.  When It’s Time To Get A Different Job

16.  Knowing When You Have The Right Person

Talk to Gene and see if he can help you in your career.